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Aromi provides the perfect setting for hosting private events, whether it’s a corporate celebration, a family reunion, or a gathering of close friends. The restaurant’s charming and rustic decor, reminiscent of an Italian trattoria, creates an atmosphere that is both inviting and stylish. The menu, carefully crafted with a commitment to traditional Italian recipes and the finest ingredients, offers a diverse array of dishes, complemented by an extensive selection of wines and craft cocktails.

Don’t miss the chance to be the host who creates unforgettable memories for your guests while enjoying a heartfelt “Toast to The Host” gift. Aromi promises an evening of Italian gastronomic delights, warmth, and camaraderie that will be cherished for years to come. Reserve your private event at Aromi today and embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Italy.

Toast to The Host

Experience the true essence of Italian cuisine and hospitality by hosting your private event at Aromi, where culinary excellence meets warmth and elegance. Aromi has long been renowned for its authentic flavors, and now, with the exclusive “Toast to The Host” offer, it becomes an even more irresistible choice for your holiday gathering.

Imagine being the host who not only orchestrates a remarkable event at Aromi but also receives a generous $150 gift card as a token of appreciation. This gesture acknowledges your dedication in planning a gathering that promises not only delectable Italian dishes but also an ambiance that combines sophistication and comfort.

But the generosity at Aromi doesn’t stop there. Every guest in attendance will also be presented with a $25 gift card, a thoughtful gesture to ensure that each person feels welcomed and cherished. These gift cards are more than just tokens; they are invitations to return and savor the exceptional culinary experiences that Aromi consistently delivers.

The Cacio | Semi-Private Dining Table | Capacity of 14

Nestled in a secluded corner of Aromi, our semi-private dining space exudes an air of intimate elegance. Yellow velvet chairs, reminiscent of golden Italian sunsets, circle the table, while cascading wisteria adds a touch of nature’s luxury overhead. The walls, beautifully accented with emerald green trim, frame the area, creating a private haven. This space can comfortably accommodate up to 14 guests, making it ideal for smaller, intimate gatherings. Delicate glassware adds a touch of sophistication to the setting, and the experience is further elevated with a special chef’s curated menu, promising a culinary journey that captures the very essence of Italy.

The Pepe | Outdoor Patio | Capacity of 25

Step outside and immerse yourself in Aromi’s enchanting outdoor patio. Fashioned with rustic wooden tables and adorned with the finest glassware, our patio exudes the delicate charm of Italy in the heart of La Mesa. Perfect for those special moments, this space can comfortably accommodate up to 25 guests, making it an ideal spot for intimate occasions. Reserve our patio and let the essence of Aromi elevate your celebration.

The Caesar | Main Dining Full Buyout | Capacity of 80

Experience the allure of Aromi in its entirety with our exclusive indoor dining buyout. The space is awash with a rich palette of yellows and greens, showcased in plush velvet chairs, as well as our booth and standalone wooden tables. Our marble bar, framed by arches highlighting the finest liquors, is a testament to our commitment to luxury. The space is brought to life with cascading wisteria over the tables, while Italian art pieces and vibrant flowers grace the walls. Coupled with elegant glassware and bathed in abundant natural light, our dining area effortlessly melds opulence with comfort, echoing our philosophy of an unforgettable dining experience.

The Carbonara | Full Restaurant Buyout | Capacity of 105

Indulge in the essence of Italy with Aromi’s full restaurant buyout. The interiors resonate with elegance, from the lavish marble bar, framed by arches showcasing an elite collection of liquors, to the poetic wisteria draped over tables. Walls, richly accented with Italian art and flowers, form a canvas of charm and culture. Each table is graced with sophisticated glassware, gleaming in the wash of abundant natural light. Outside, our patio is a slice of Italy itself: rustic wooden tables juxtaposed against the gleam of our choicest glassware, capturing the allure of La Mesa’s Italian gem.

Birthday Celebrations

Aromi combines atmosphere and elegance for the perfect setting for your next birthday celebration. We offer wine tastings, dining packages, and a true Italian experience! Our courteous and professional staff can provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Bachelor | Bachelorette

Dine & be entertained by Aromi. For ladies nights or bromances to celebrate this special occasion. Aromi offers multiple Bachelor/Bachelorette accommodations for semi-private or private group dining.

Wedding Receptions | Rehearsal Dinners

Being lovers of love, our private dining facilities and staff provide the perfect experience for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, groom’s dinner or wedding receptions.

Cocktail Reception

Our spacious and vibrant cocktail lounge is sure to impress your guests and get the evening started the right way.